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What is required to register to use the system?

Simply fill out the registration form on the Register page and a confirmation email will be sent. After responding to the confirmation email, you will have full access to the system for a 30 day trial. During the trial period, your DEA number or state license will be verified and a letter will be mailed to the address listed on your state license. This is done to ensure that only licensed business have access to the USMEDs Pedigree Management System. In the confirmation letter, there is a code that you must enter into the system to proceed past the 30 day trial.

What does the system cost to use?

USMeds offers several pricing plans based on the type of business (repackager , wholesaler ) and total monthly volume of pedigrees produced .

Are there any setup costs or hidden fees?

Yes there is a small setup and training fee if you would like more information regarding our fees please contact us at 888.348.7775 On occasion, we get a request for a very specific software need that requires significant software developement. We will let you know in advance if there is any development charge for anything you request from the system.

What forms of payment do you accept?

USMeds Pedigree Management System accepts most major credit cards, ACH (eCheck), PayPal, Google Checkout and electronic wires. Your monthly balance is always available on the billing screen in the system. At the beginning of each month, the system will automatically invoice you for the previous month. Accounts are suspended for non payment after the 15th of the month.

My trial ended in the middle of the month. Will I be charged for the entire month?

Accounts that exit the trial period after the 10th day of the month are not charged for the first month.

Uploading Pedigrees:

Can we send our pedigrees to by email?

The easiest way to get pedigrees to the system is to simply email them as attachments. Each account is assigned a email address like this:

When the USMeds system receives an email at this address, it will automatically extract the pedigrees out of the email. You can email PDF documents, Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, and so on. If you have several documents to upload, you can zip all the documents together and email the zip file as an attachment. The system will unzip the attachment found in email and extract all the pedigrees.

Can we upload pedigrees using a browser?

The USMeds Pedigree Management system provides an upload screen where you can upload pedigrees through a browser. This is quick and easy way to upload a pedigree when you are already logged into the system. USMeds uses HTTPS (SSL encryption) for the entire backend so you will notice that the upload time for multiple documents is slower than using a non secure method of upload such as the email attachment method.

Can we just mail you a CD or DVD with all our pedigrees and documents?

You can mail us a CD or DVD with all your documents and will upload it to the system for no additional fees. Here is our mailing address.

USMEDs Pedigree Management Systems
Attn: USMeds processing
PO Box 267462
Weston Florida 33326

Pedigrees received through mail are normally uploaded to the system within a day of when we receive the disk.

Can we send you paper copies of our pedigrees?

Although electronic versions of the pedigrees are preferred, you can mail us paper documents and we will scan and upload them into the system. All paper received is recycled so do not mail us originals. The mail address is the same as for sending disks.

USMEDs Pedigree Management Systems
Attn: USMeds processing
PO Box 267462
Weston Florida 33326

Paper documents received are normally scanned and uploaded within a day of when we receive the documents. If you are about to mail several boxes of paper to us, please drop us a note so we can prepare for better service.

Is it ok to upload multiple pedigrees in one PDF? (For example, a PDF with 10 pages)

When PDF's with multiple pages are received by USMeds, we will split the PDF's out page by page and process the individual pages. Some wholesalers provide only one page pedigree and the system will automatically detect and separate these pedigrees. The preferred method is to received one pedigree per PDF, but multiple pedigrees per PDF is easily handled by our software. You can also put all the PDF documents into a zip file and send USMeds the zip file to save time.

Do we need to worry about uploading duplicate pedigrees to USMeds?

TThe USMeds system automatically checks for duplicate pedigrees and will not add a duplicate pedigree. Our system use various perimeters to detect and stop duplicate pedigrees coming into the system. This is another of the sophisticated feature our software supports.

Viewing Pedigrees:

How will our customers see there pedigrees?

USMEDs Pedigree Systems has several ways of providing your customers their pedigree information One of the support methods is to simply have our secure email server send your customers an email containing a link that you customer can use to access their pedigree information from our site, or your customers could go to the USMEDs Pedigree Finder page and enter the pedigree ID on the medication bottle or order manifest our systems generate when you create an order . Once there your customer can view their pedigrees and save the information to their local computer or print.

Why does Adobe Reader indicate that the digital signature has a problem?

By default, Adobe Reader does not have the correct Certificate Authority for validating the server certificate that was used to digitally sign the pedigree. You can right-click on the certificate and Save Target As to download the certificate. Once downloaded you can import the certifcate into Adobe Reader by selecting the downloaded file from Adobe Reader's Menu: Document->Manage Trusted Identities->Add Contact->Browse. Once you have added the contact and selected its certificate, you can click on the Trust option and check the box Use this certificate as a trusted root. Finish the configuration by selecting the Import option.


How do know that all my pedigrees will be available in the future?

USMEDs Pedigree Management Systems will keep all pedigree transactions and associated transaction safe and secure for a period of three (3) years as required by law. And as an added measure of security we will provide you each month a CD or DVD of the previous months transactions and mail it to you. This disk contains all your pedigrees and documents and related transaction. The disk can be browsed using a web browser and is similiar to the actual USMeds website. This makes it easy to locate pedigrees and information right off of the disk. The disk provides a permanent backup of all documents and information you created in the system.

Where are your systems located and are they secure?

All of our systems are hosted and maintained by in Texas. Security, air conditioning, power backup, data backup, network redundancy and hardware support are all provided by RackSpace's Fanatical Support Team.


Is there a qualified professional (legal counsel) to answer a few questions?

The USMeds team includes legal counsel experienced drug pedigree regulations. You can ask your question through our Contact Us page (fastest response), or call us at (888) 348-7775.

What is a certificate authority?

A Certificate Authority is a private owned company that has qualified under the State of Florida guideline to serve as an issuer of digital signatures certificate for licensed wholesalers or repackager. These certificates are used within electronic pedigree management software that the wholesaler or repackager may own or subscribes to. This then allows the wholesaler or repackager to automate the process of authenticating legend drug pedigree.

This is the simplest explanation of what a certificate authority is, the complicated part is that in order to have a automatic self authentication pedigree system the wholesaler or repackagers first needs to subscribe or purchase the pedigree software from the certificate authority. Then the company must submit documentation to the certificate authority to verify all the information regarding the personnel and company licenses . Once the certificate authority provides the subscriber a digital signature it is then used to certify and authenticate all pedigrees provided by the subscriber wholesaler / repackager to there customers. In a perfect world every wholesalers and repackagers would have these systems in place and then they would be able to provide these marvelous electronic documents and they would not need to do nothing further to verify the information on the pedigree they receive or provide.

The truth is that the concept of the certificate authority has several serious flaws that make using such a system useless. First not every wholesaler or re packagers subscribes to or has purchased the certificate authority software and has taken the time to get there organization certified by the certificate authority, this includes such industry leaders as McKesson, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal, ANDA , Harvard Group, etc , etc , etc. What happens if your supplier is not part of the certificate authority list of trusted companies? Easy, the pedigree you receive into your pedigree system can not be certified and authenticated automatically, leaving you to authenticate the documentation the old fashion way by calling or emailing the previous owners of the medication. No real benefit to the wholesaler or repackager looking to secure there supply chain integrity, and these systems are very expensive to own and operate because most of there programming architecture is based on server client configurations.

What do I have to do to have my pedigree self authenticated?

Legal department is getting this section ready

Do I really need a self authenticating system?

Legal department is getting this section ready

Is the USMeds system an electonic authentication system?

USMEDS services are intended for repackagers and wholesalers to maintain electronic versions of original records associated with prescription drug pedigrees for easy access by Users and customers and to prepare and store prescription drug pedigrees for outgoing transfers of prescription drug products. Although the USMEDS software can aid in the authentication of prescription drug pedigrees through the methods outlined in Florida Administrative Code Sections 64F-12.013(4)(d)(1)a-e and specifically is intended to aid in the authentication as set forth in the subparagraphs (d) and (e) of the rule (relating to secure electronic versions of original pedigree), the software provided is not an electronic digital authentication program under Florida Administrative Code section 64F-12.013(4)(d)(1)(f) that requires no further authentication. Users must still use the methods of authentication outlined in 64F-12.013(4)(d)(1)a-e. The rule is located here: .

More information: Chapter 64f-12

More information: Chapter 499


Can multiple users use the system at my location?

You can create multiple users at your location and assign them different roles. (Permissions) Each user has their own username and password and all activity is tracked on a user by user basis.

What equipment do I need to use with the USMeds system?

The only equipment you will need is a computer with Internet access. USMeds is tested with Internet Explorer, FireFox and Mozilla browsers. If you plan to use the barcode labeling features of the USMeds system, a stardard printer is required and barcode scanner is handy to have.

Internet Explorer: This page contains both secure and nonsecure items...

There is a bug with Internet Explorer 6 where secure (HTTPS) websites providing certain types of content leads to this warning. (Despite everything being requested through HTTPS.) To disable this message, go to Tools, Internet Options, click on the Security Tab. Make sure that in "Select a zone...", Internet is selected. Click Custom Level and scroll down about half way to "Display mixed content" in the Miscellaneous section. Change the setting from Prompt to Enable. Click OK, Yes, and OK. The change should take effect immediately.

What is EPCglobal?

( EPC global is leading the development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in today’s fast-moving, information rich, trading networks.
We are a subscriber-driven organization comprised of industry leaders and organizations focused on creating global standards for the EPCglobal Network™.
Our goal is increased visibility and efficiency throughout the supply chain and higher quality information flow between companies and their key trading partners.

What does this mean to the the Pharmaceutical Wholesale industry? Well in a nutshell EPC Global has a unified standard that uses RFID technology to provide everyone involved in the distribution of Pharmaceutical products complete visibility of where any medication has been along that chain. The problem is that in order for the technology to work everyone in the industry needs to use the standard which is based on the RFID. Pharmaceutical manufacturing company need to embed the RFID tags into there production line and then pass the information downstream to the Authorized distributor and to there clients. The standard is in place the problem is implementation of this standard will cost millions of dollars and change the way the Pharmaceutical business is run today. So even though this technology has a promising future, the reality is that it is many year from becoming relevant to the operating procedure of the Pharmaceutical industry.