Our system enables wholesalers, repackagers, and pharmacies
to be fully compliant with the new FDA drug pedigree laws in a cost effective manner

DSCSA Compliant

We are fully compliant with FDA rules and regulations

HDMA Compliant

We use HDMA compliant 856 EDI transmission

GS1 EPC Compliant

We use GS1 EPC global XML pedigree system complaint

Easy to Use

Easy creation of outbound pedigrees for your clients

Inventory Control

Easy to use inventory control and management

Work More Efficiently

Upload pedigrees received from drug manufacturers and other suppliers..

Green Technology

Our system is paperless, ensuring your business leaves a smaller footprint.


Automatic translation of received pedigrees into your system.


Our SSL technology ensures secure connection to outbound pedigrees

What we do

USMeds Pedigree Systems is a web based pharmaceutical drug pedigree document management service that is in full compliance with the new "Drug Supply Security Act" enacted into Law November 27,2013. And provides complete track and trace capabilities for all pharmaceutical transactions.

Our system complies with the newest HDMA published standards for receiving and transmitting pedigree data via the ASN 856 EDI transmission. This important feature will allow you to receive all pharmaceutical transaction information provided by manufactures and Authorized Distributor of Records ADR quickly, accurately and containing the three required elements of the new Federal Law.

Transactional Information

Transactional History

Transactional Statement

The USMeds Pedigree Systems enables wholesalers, repackagers, and pharmacies to be fully compliant with the new FDA drug pedigree laws in a cost effective manner. Our systems are designed to automate and manage the time consuming task of tracking and providing pedigree information to your clients by using the best proven technology currently in the market today. Our service is affordable, so every wholesaler or repackaging operation can have a full feature pedigree management system at a fraction of what our competitors charge. Our services are more relevant for today's market because we have what you need today, not what may be needed tomorrow; and our software is adaptable so we can adjust it to meet any regulatory changes. USMEDs Pedigree Systems is flexible and can be customized to suit your company's operational requirements. No company is too small or large to use our software; we tailor a solution that fits your operational and financial needs."

Our Services

Here's what you can do with our Pedigree Managment System

Pedigree Managment

Securely store, and manage your pedigrees

Inbound Pedigrees

Automatically process and store inbound pedigrees

Outbound Pedigrees

Easily create outbound pedigrees for your clients

Paperless System

Our system works best with digital pedigrees

Mobile Ready

Manage pedigrees from any web connected device

Premium Support

Our client support system is available 24/7

What our clients are saying

"USMEDs is the third program I have used and USMEDs system is the best by far. I have no issues to speak of..."

-Alan Foster CDR/ Certified Designated Representative of West International

Our Technology

USMEDS is commited to being compliant with the new laws on drug pedigrees
and keeping your information secure.

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